• Icom F70/ F80 Two Way Radio Series
    The Icom F70/F80 Two Way Radio Series is made for first responders. This is a powerful, sophisticated transceiver with 256 channels and 32 zones capable of 4 watts UHF and 5 watts VHF.
  • Icom F3261D/ F4261D Digital/Analog Two Way Radio Series
    The Icom F3261D/F4261D Two Way Radio Series offers full featured IDAS™ NXDN™ digital operation in a dust-tight and waterproof case. This digital/analog transceiver is both powerful and versatile, capable of transmitting at 5 watts on either UHF or VHF.
  • Icom F4161/ F3161 Two Way Radio Series
    The Icom F4161/3161 is a high-end, high-performance 5 watt radio that is designed MDC 1200 compatibility. The F4161 / F3161 offers 512 channels and Basic LTR™ trunking and conventional mode operation. This is a feature packed radio for companies that need the most out of two way communications.
  • Icom IP100H Two Way Radio For Wireless Networks (WiFi)
    The Icom IP100H is a commercial grade, waterproof two-way radio that is operated on your new or existing WiFi network. TheIP100H delivers outstanding performance in demanding indoor or outdoor environments where access to a WiFi network is available and offers full duplex operation.
  • Icom F9021/ F9011 Two Way Radio Series
    The Icom F9021/F9011 is a P25 conventional and trunked transceiver made for first responders. This high-end, high-performance series has 512 channels with 5 watts of power UHF and 6 watts VHF.